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Cloud & Application Strategy

Cloud technologies are front and centre of every organisation’s IT/Digital strategy now. With high cloud adoption rates, a question that many organisations grapple with is – how do we move to the cloud? There are a number of ways to answer that question, but the most effective way is to look at your applications and decide if you want to go with a cloud hosted application strategy or cloud native application strategy.

HorizonX’s Cloud & Application Strategy team helps you choose the right cloud and application strategy can be daunting but at HorizonX we partner with you and deliver you the right strategy. Our expert consultants have experience over a number of years in migrating applications to the cloud or developing cloud native applications.

We follow, Discover -> Plan -> Build ->Test -> Refactor -> Deploy approach following the Agile incremental and iterative model using Scrum or Kanban methodologies.


What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is a movement, a cultural philosophy combined with agile practises and tools that unify the traditional software development (Dev), security and compliance (Sec) and operations (Ops) siloes and enables digital disruption in an Enterprise. The original DevOps movement was slowed down by traditional security and compliace control, however with Security now being embedded in the code as its being built, DevSecOps has become the movement to transform the digital space.

Why transform from legacy to DevSecOps?

Technology, especially using software and cloud is rapidly becoming a competitive advantage for any organisation.

DevSecOps brings together people, processes and tools that shorten development cycles, increase the frequency of releasing new features, integrates security in everything part of the process and simplify operational overhead. This results in a closer alignment with your business objectives by improving speed of delivery and reducing the overall cost to the business at the same time..

Such a transformation enables faster time to market, meaning that you can launch new products or features to your customers rapidly and in turn
create value for your end customers , NOW !

How to build a DevSecOps culture?

At HorizonX, our expert consultants and engineers have deep experience across all aspects of the DevSecOps tool chain (Insert tool names like Kubernetes etc..) and we bring together that expertise to
automate, secure and monitor all steps of the software development lifecycle, from development, integration, testing and release management.

Containerisation & Serverless

What is Containerisation & Serverless?

Containers package software in a complete file system that includes everything to run code, runtime, systems tools and libraries, basically anything that can be installed on a server. This guarantees that the software can always run , irrespective of its environment. Serverless computing enables you to build apps without worrying about provisioning or managing servers. The underlying infrastructure provider takes care of all that.

Why use Containerisation and Serverless Architectures?

Containerisation solves a more modern problem – application management issues. Containerisation is application-specific, providing apps with dedicated environments to run on, which can in turn be deployed and run anywhere without requiring an entire virtual machine for each app. Just like how virtualisation showed us we didn’t need an entire server for one application; containerisation shows us we don’t need an entire operating system for each application.

Containerisation enables developers to fully “own” the setup and configuration of their app’s runtime environment as well as it further simplifies the DevOps deployment tool chain.

There are numerous benefits in implementing a serverless architecture, including a significant reduction in costs as you don’t not have to pay for renting an entire server in the cloud but only for resourced consumed during execution; scalability, because it is easy to scale independent services triggered to action by events; and the lack of operating and maintaining infrastructure.

How to embark on the Containerisation & Serverless journey?

At HorizonX, our technical talent pool is experienced in delivering applications using containerisation and serverless architectures. Not only do our experts have deep knowledge about the technology itself but also have experience in deploying these in large Enterprises.

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Technology Advisory

The cloud and infrastructure communications landscape is evolving rapidly and it is very difficult to have access to expertise across all aspects of this rapidly growing industry, especially if you are an investor (private equity firm (PE) or venture capitalist (VC)) looking at buying businesses in this space. HorizonX’s Technology Advisory team effectively acts as a partner to the PE firms, VCs and Business Consulting organisations in conducting thorough technical due diligence, developing post integration strategies, building plans for synergies, exploring cost optimisation strategies and advising on
optimum organisation structures. Our expert consultants have deep experience and in-depth industry knowledge (ranging from holding roles as Executives through to CTOs) across a range of technology businesses, including Cloud Services, Data Centres, Telecommunications, Big Data and Software Development. We bring unique set of skills and experiences across this industry spectrum and act as your “one stop shop” for all technology advisory services.