We’re a team of passionate, expert and customer-obsessed practitioners, focusing on innovation and invention on our customer’s behalf. We follow a combination of the Lean and Agile methodologies and a transparent approach to deliver real value to our customers. We operate as the technical partner for your business, working as an extension of your digital teams.

Data Analytics. ENGINEERED.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning offers a deeper insight into collected data and allows the

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DataOps (data operations) is an emerging discipline that brings together DevOps teams with

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Streaming Analytics

Streaming Analytics performs actions on real-time data through the use of continuous queries.

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Cloud Enabled Code. CRAFTED.

Cloud Native Application Development

Cloud-native applications use the full power of the cloud

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Microservices & API

Traditional monolithic applications are predominantly developed

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Data Engineering

Data Engineering is the process of collecting, storing, transform using batch

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Strategic Advice. ROBUST.

Cloud & Application Strategy

Cloud technologies are front and centre of every organisation’s IT/Digital strategy now. With high cloud adoption rates , a question that many organisations grapple with is

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Technology Advisory

The cloud and infrastructure communications landscape is evolving rapidly and it is very difficult to have access to expertise across all aspects of this rapidly growing industry, especially

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